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About us

Lynch Law Records is a Belgian Independent Label created in 2012 right after the disappointment due to the wrong predictions from Nostradamus Lynch Law Records slaked its lust at producin' underground bucks on pieces of "heavinyls".

Not pointin’ at only one single genre you get any kind of suburbian noise from electro to metal that suits your waiting room pretty well if you’re a dentist, to cabaret pop-punk that unites grand’ ma and children, or industrial sounds fitting with your local men at work, and whatever you need to set your parties on a slippery dance-floor and hectic rocking chairs.

And if you’re dressed from bottom to top as black as usual plastic slices are check that those are coloured and move on the beat of your dark compass turntable. Each coloured or picture disc is in a numbered limited edition LP. Which means is a baby collector!

Artists / Releases

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Jonny Weathers – Dusted Radio

2 mai 2022


14 avril 2020

Jonny Weathers with Paul Cook – Sonic Assault

14 avril 2019

Ambassador 21 – Human Rage

14 avril 2018

Sandra Kill

6 avril 2018

Flesh & Fell – Icarus

14 avril 2017

Grandchaos – The Day Disappears Only To Reappear

14 avril 2017

Black Spider Clan – Metamorphosis

14 avril 2015

Fantôme – It All Makes Sense

14 avril 2015

ASCII Witchcraft – Antischism

14 avril 2014

ALK-A-LINE – Cosmic Trip / Comic Strip

14 avril 2013

Coldstoned – Order

14 avril 2012

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    Thanks to …

    Véro, Virginie, Jean-Sébastien Blague, Geoffrey, Kozak, Yeti Popstar, Quentin, Aroun, Kiki, Bea & Greg, Hanin Elias, Beta Evers, Coldstoned, Alk-A-Line, Ascii Witchcraft, Fantome, Jean-Luc De Meyer, Kevin Alf, Simon Davey (The Exchange) & to our friends and supporters all over the world !!!

    – Moldy –