Tcheleskov Ivanovitch has been involved into
electronic music since the 1980s. He formed
with his brother the Belgian project cult underground Ivanovitch Dans L.Ombre.

He gained recognition in recent years with his GRANDCHAOS project and many releases on labels like Urgence Disk Records and EK Product.

His style is a pure delight for those who enjoy good old vintage and minimal electronic.

After three years of intense work, Tcheleskov returns with his most ambitious and esthetic album yet. “The Day Disappears Only To Reappears” perfectly combines the purest elements of 80s electro, New Beat & Techno. The new album is a testament to ingenuity and craftsmanship It skillfully depicts Tcheleskov Ivanovitch’s unwavering determination to take his project to new heights and forge a unique signature sound.

« The Day Disappears Only To Reappears » releases jointly on LYNCH LAW and URGENCE DISK, two labels « with attitude ». The limited edition of 300 copies and the picture disc vinyl format is an exceptional setting for a true pioneer.