After 23 years of silence FLESH&FELL made its
comeback in 2011with a new line-up featuring original member Pierre Goudesone and brand new vocalist Laurence Castelain.

Even after all these years, interest in the band never really died out. Singles ‘Hunger’, ‘The Wind’ and ‘Emma’ became cult favorites in Belgium. The age of Youtube gave the band’s continual popularity an even further boost, steadily increasing a wider fan base around the band’s classic songs.

Over the last years they were invited to play major shows such as the Rewind Festival in Gent’s Vooruit, BIM Festival in Antwerp’s Trix, Brussels’ Summer Festival and Outofline Weekender in Berlin just to name a few. In 2013 they released the album Eponyme on the German label Out of Line accompanied by remarkable video singles ‘The Devil In Me’ and ‘Tipsy’; and including the original 80's singles. In celebration of of their 30th year anniversary and to announce the release of their new album ‘ICARUS’ (15/09/17), check out last year’s video single ‘Poker Joker’. This new album is only available on vinyl on the new Belgian independent label Lynch Law Records. 500 colored limited edition copies will be released along with the new video “Salome”.