FANTOME is the new project by Hanin Elias (ex Atari Teenage Riot and founder of Fatal Recordings)
and Marcel Zürcher (Die Krupps).
You might think they would come up with hard industrial tunes, but FANTOME sounds like beautiful epic Post Punk, Rock Wave and Shoegaze at its best.
The power duo's first album, It All Makes Sense, illustrates the story of a woman who is in touch with her emotions and scars, and who gets back up after every hardship and keeps on walking into the rising misty sunshine. The single « love » is not just a beautiful track meant to keep your soul warm, it is also a statement and illustration of her will to make a stand.

The sound of It All Makes Sense is produced pitch-perfect by David Husser and Paul Kendall (Depeche Mode, Recoil, etc). Mostly recorded with analogue instruments (guitar, bass, drums and piano) by multi-instrumentalist Marcel Zürcher and with Hanin Elias showcasing melancholic melodies, authentic lyrics and vocals ; the whole album has a cosy intimate flair.

This record is a promising hit album, every song is performed with conviction and an emotion that will catch you right away. Although there might not be anything out there to truly compare FANTOME with, influences such as Leonard Cohen and reminiscences to My Bloody Valentine linger in parts in this strong yet dreamy debut album of FANTOME.