If you haven't already been wowed by this Brussels based duo, it's high time you discover ALK-A-LINE !!!
Laurence Castelain, on microphone& bass, rocked for years with punk rock outfit The Chicks, heading an energetic female line-up and currently also doing vocals with Flesh and Fell.
Add to the mix the keyboards, voice and theremin of Sandra Hagenaar (Fifty Foot Combo, Kris Dane, ...) and you get a sound which is at once pacey and modulated, trashy and sophisticated. They call it electro cabaret …
The next best thing is to check out their clips on youtube !

Their first EP vinyl, out on the Disc-o-Bolle Label in 2009 is now sold-out ! Four fabulous cuts and remixes by Len Lemaire (Implant), Yeti Popstar (Velvet Underwear), Al Comet (The Young Gods) and SM Xperience (Belgian New Beat).

2013 : an LP vinyl Picture Disc, 10 tracks "Cosmic Trip Comic Strip" has been released on Lynch Law Records with nice collaborations as JL De Meyer (Front 242) and J Perry-Salkow (Seuil, Flammarion)

What you should really do is see them live, it'll knock your socks off!

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